Meet our team

Candace Albert

Candace graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelors in Public Health Studies and went on to complete her Masters in Sustainable Health Systems and Public Health. Candace led multiple engagements at John Hopkins which looked at public and private healthcare provision and the interface between the two. Candace went on to work with a number of federal and regional government health agencies in the US and Europe where she developed an interest in strategic health issues. Candace has broad international expertise, having worked at OECD, assessing health policies and their outcomes across countries including trends and social disparities in health outcomes and the potential health and economic impacts of alternative policy strategies in selected OECD countries.  Candace has particular interest in assessing healthcare systems and programs for marginalised groups, having provided advisory support to public and private agencies that participate in state health programs for children and the disabled to ensure a better mix of the two sectors in the delivery of UHC.