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Sonia Lam

Sonia is a Consulting Analyst at Asia Care Group, supporting the delivery major of healthcare strategy and change projects. Sonia originally trained in Veterinary Science at Edinburgh University, and is a qualified vet. However, her interest transitioned towards human health, and she retrained - undertaking an master’s in public health from the University of Hong Kong. She now specialises in the field of public health analytics and epidemiology; applying this to change management projects. 

Before joining ACG, Sonia worked and studied within biological scientific research. Sonia excels in data handling and analysis. Her work with Hong Kong University School of Public Health involved a wide array of primary data collection from patients suffering viral infections, namely influenza and the common cold. Her time in research also included leadership of a large public health research project focused on the proliferation of the H5N1 “bird flu’ virus. This work solidified her skills in statistical analysis of primary findings and rapid literature research. 

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