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Our mission is to work with organisations to shape the future of healthcare across Asia

Asia’s healthcare systems face an era of unprecedented change.  By 2030, Asia’s elderly population will have doubled, and the region will be home to over half the global incidence of chronic diseases. Over the past decade, health expenditure in the region has outstripped economic growth, and in the near term a compounded annual growth rate of 9.2% is expected to continue. From the challenge of providing care to rapidly changing populations, to creating new services to cater for burgeoning middle-classes, there can be no doubt that health systems will need radical change, creating both great opportunity and great risk.

Asia Care Group was established against this backdrop.  We have a simple goal; to support healthcare organisations with their most pressing challenges in order to create more efficient and effective healthcare systems for the populations of this diverse region.  Our firm is the first of its kind to offer consultancy services solely to the healthcare sector.  We pride ourselves on our deep industry knowledge and, importantly, our passion for leading change in the healthcare industry.