Osteoporosis and Aged care strategy initiatives in Asia


The problem

  • Our client - a multinational pharmaceutical company - required support to improve the way aged care was delivered across Asia. Specifically, this project was established to review the ways in which osteoporosis was currently identified and care delivered across Asia, in order to establish the opportunity (and opportunity cost) for improving this through better prevention and management. The overall aim was to highlight and quantify the issues, develop a comprehensive Asian strategy and set of tools to improve current practice, leverage best practice and share these findings across markets.
  • In addition, ACG were commissioned to scope the possibilities for partnerships between the client and local insurers, health providers and aged care organisations that would lead to the better treatment and management of this disease area. (Markets in scope; all in Asia except Australia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia) 


What we did

  • Project managed a major review of osteoporosis care across Asia to assess the overall burden of disease and assess the interventions that could improve the situation
  • Undertook a market study to 1) define the incidence and prevalence rates of osteoporosis, fractures and associated economic burdens and modelling these for the next forty years, 2) develop a country level benefits calculator allowing hospitals and Governments to assess the financial impact of osteoporosis and the cost savings from managing this more proactively, 3) Map key stakeholders across 10 Asian markets to ensure appropriate advocacy interventions are in place
  • Worked with Asia-level clinical societies to publicise and share key knowledge and ensure best practice was leveraged across markets


The result

  • The client has a clear view of the current market and clinical management issues therein. They know where they can add value and the stakeholders and organisations with whom future partnerships could be mutually beneficial.