Improving Cancer Care in Hong Kong


Our client was a consortium of leading multinational pharmaceutical firms who served as members on the Hong Kong British Chamber's Cancer Care Sub-committee. The Committee was formed to address patient pain-points in oncology care across Hong Kong’s dual-track health system. 

Asia Care Group were commissioned to conduct a study focusing on patients challenges in accessing prevention/screening,  treatment, and affordable oncology therapeutics in the Hong Kong market. 


Performed a metanalysis of the literature on patient experience of cancer screening, treatment access and affordability in Hong Kong

Benchmarked of Hong Kong against comparators to highlight differences in cancer care service provisions and outcomes

Performed semi-structured interviews of internal and external stakeholders, including leading cancer NGOs to inform recommendations

Delivered a final White Paper and supporting analytics to share with the Government, stakeholders and media. 

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The White Paper has been submitted to Government on behalf of the Committee to help inform the Cancer Strategy, which was rolled out in 2019. This effort will begin a dialogue amongst stakeholders to translate high-level policy into action, and evolve Hong Kong’s cancer care into a world-class, patient-centred model.  You can read the white paper and details of further policy action by clicking on the link below.