Strategic review of Cardiac services in Fiji


The problem

  • The WHO have been working in the Pacific for many years, supporting a number of Governments to optimise the delivery of care for their populations. The WHO have spent many years supporting the Fijian Government to cope with rising demands for cardiac services, which are driven largely by changing lifestyles. Due to its remote location and reasonably poor economic situation, Fiji also struggles with how best to resource and deliver services in an efficient but clinically safe way.
  • Asia Care Group were commissioned to assess future demand, and develop options for how best to design and deliver care to the population., including considering the benefits/disbenefits of a new cardiac centre for the Pacific.


What we did

  • Assessed the macroeconomic environment and core indicators for market growth. Performed an assessment of disease trends across the market and what this translates to for health system utilisation. Assessed the maturity of the provider landscape, patient utilisation patterns, pricing trends, and the impacts on the private payor landscape. 
  • Performed a deep-dive analysis of the insurance market, including growth trends, competitor analysis, distribution channels, emerging digital trends, and a review of GWP and market share for top players. Identified market gaps and priority areas for new health product development.


The result

  • The client has a clear understanding of the markets, therapeutic areas and types of novel financial approaches that could beneficially be taken forward. The client is readying for Phase 2, in which they will pilot a number of novel financing initiatives with both public and private payers across Asia.
  • A full competitor and market assessment is now in place as a reference for future evolutions in financial contracting and pricing studies, enabling better approaches to market access to evolve.