Singapore Hospital growth strategy and development support


The problem

  • Our client – a large private hospital chain based in Singapore - wanted to grow their market share, and wanted to know the best way to approach this. They had considered competing on price, competing through new product/service innovation or competing on the quality of care they delivered. The Board and Senior Team could not decide how to proceed, and felt they did not have enough information to make a defensible decision.

  • Asia Care Group were commissioned to undertake a robust market assessment, and facilitate a data-driven strategic review of where the hospital group could most beneficially focus its efforts and capture market share. 


What we did

  • Reviewed the organisations’ current business plan and growth plan to assess robustness of revenue projections 
  • Undertook due-diligence to better understand the Singaporean private care market, and assess where to beneficially focus efforts
  • Supported the organisation to explore different strategic options for growth in a structured and evidence-based way. Helped design products and services that could meet market-gaps, including developing pricing options


The result

  • We supported the organisation to understand their strategic growth options, and to decide where they wanted to focus, based on robust market assessment 
  • The organization continues to deliver against this strategic plan. It has launched a number of new services successfully, following Asia Care Group’s work to define and price these services.
  • The organization has improved its profitability, and is looking at overseas expansion opportunities