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Leon Chiu

Leon graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a major in public health and minor in economics. The academic training has given him extensive insights into healthcare with hands-on training in analytical instruments.

Before joining Asia Care Group, Leon worked with a number of health-related institutions in different settings. Leon has worked for AIDS Concern to conduct sexual health education campaigns. He also worked as a research assistant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he engaged in academic research on healthcare access of Hong Kong citizens and family-centered care policies. In addition, Leon also worked Pfizer Corporation where he has gained experience on the operations of pharmaceutical businesses.

Since joining Asia Care Group, Leon has worked on a number of health economic studies, primarily for leading multinational pharma and life insurance firms. He had particular expertise in quantifying the public health impact of different decisions and quantifying these in economic terms. He has also worked on ACG;s suite of healthcare market assessments, using both qualitative and quantitative skills to ensure robust system analysis. 

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