Development of a non-communicable disease strategy for Asia


The problem

  • The ADB is an international development bank with a focus on lending against socially-orientated projects that build the requisite hard and soft infrastructure for countries to succeed economically. They are increasingly focused on the healthcare sector and seeking opportunities to support clients, usually Governments, across the region to invest in healthcare projects that support Universal Health care, Inclusive growth and poverty-reduction. 
  • ADB commissioned Asia Care Group to assess the true burden of NCD’s across Asia, expressed in economic and clinical terms, and to further develop a strategy that clearly defined interventions that could be implemented rapidly to tacjle NCD's. 


What we did

  • Undertook an extensive review of the burden of NCD’s across Asia-Pacific, including assessment of prevalence, modelling of economic burden and assessment of progress against key performance indicators. 
  • Developed “Ten High Impact” changes for NCD’s, which outlined the ten most cost-effective interventions that could be implemented across Asia to tackle NCD’s. 
  • Estimated the return on investment that could be achieved if the ten changes were introduced, and advised on how to link lending/pay to achievement of these interventions.


The result

  • Provided the ADB with clear guidance on where, how and to what effect they could lend against NCD projects in order to achieve the joint aim of improving Universal Healthcare and ensuring return on investment.
  • Provided a comprehensive assessment of the state of NCD’s across the Asia-Pacific region, including economic impacts up to the year 2030. Developed the ADB’s current NCD strategy, due for publication in 2018/19.